NEXUS4change is the global convener of the best approaches in collaborative change from around the world. We seek to accelerate your confidence and competence in collaborative approaches that lead to deep transformative change.  NEXUS4change is build on the foundation of our community of communities of organizations and leaders, educators, practitioners, activists, scholars, and students that advance the field of Collaborative Change, so that together we can address critical challenges and opportunities in our world.

COMMUNITY - connect

Community of Communities Network

The cornerstone of NEXUS4change is the meta community or Community of Communities Network of organizations, practitioners, authors, leaders, students and scholars interested in the tools and methods of Collaborative Change. Make friends & get involved by connecting with the NEXUS team and other members by join our Regional Exchanges, International Conferences and Events or becoming part of the Expert Directory, and discussion groups.

LIBRARY - explore

Curated Leading-Edge Content

We are creating the leading resource on today’s best methods for Collaborative Change - the Collaborative Change Library - an ever growing living body of knowledge.  See what thought leaders are talking about, find the best collection of curated resource materials and browse our library of webinars, white papers and additional resources leveraged in the Collaborative Change Library App as your one-stop-information-hub for Collaborative Change.  

TRAINING - learn

Talent Development & Training

Whether you want to attend short & sweet learning events, gain practical tools, or have training brought to you through online media; NEXUS for Change offers a wide range of webinars, online training courses, in-person workshops and certification programs in Collaborative Change. Please check back often for new and updated offerings.  

CONSULTING - transform

Consulting & Facilitation

Is your organization in need of change? We use a leading-edge approach that inspires innovative solutions and collaborative strategy creation. NEXUS4change experts have an excellent track record of success because our approach to collaborative change is evidence-based. Strategic Implementation, Collaborative Events, and Practice Development services – and Virtual Change Management.

The values of NEXUS4change

We believe every problem has the potential of opportunity for positive change!  The principles that guide our work include: Collaboration - The only sustainable approach to transforming organizations. Community - Successful interactive learning environments depend on a community of all stakeholders. Collective Wisdom - Tapping into that wisdom spreads success and best practices. Dedication to Dialogue - The foundation for meaningful change at all levels. Digital/Technology Leaders - We strive to stay on the digital cutting edge. Process Experts - Process is our value add; effective processes drive stakeholder success.

The story of Collaborative Change

The history of the NEXUS4change Community of Communities draws from Organization Development, Urban Planning, Adult Learning, Public Policy, creative and applied arts, and other disciplines – making this a truly interdisciplinary approach and effort.

Check out our video series that tells the story of Collaborative Change, from the sixties to the present HERE.

Part 1: sixties, seventies, and early eighties.
Part 2: late eighties and nineties.
Part 3: late nineties to the 2000s.