What is Circle Song?


Circle Song, is a group activity that draws from drumming circles and African vocal tradition, as well as meditative practice, choral practice, and group improvisation.  It is a relative of, and draws from Drum Café.  It has the practical advantage that no instruments or equipment are needed other than the group exploring and a space to sit, stand or even lay in a circle.


How does it work?

A group (as small as 4-5, as large as 20-30) stands/sits in a circle and a facilitator walks them through a basic musical quest, starting with just one phrase – then building – as the facilitator asks each individual to contribute to a simple musical creation that builds as loops combine into simple patterns with each individual giving their own sound, clap, phrase, or melodic element to the whole.  

As the CircleSong takes the 'temperature' of the room, it connect participants in a powerful experience of synergy regardless of individual musical ability or talent.


What is it meant to do?  

  • Serve as an initial means of grounding and calming the group, and focus away from distractions.
  • Allow the group to experience a lived metaphor for the synergies possible in the room.  
  • Reflect an artful representation of the system in the room; its communicative intent and structures.
  • Encourage each individual to listen to the whole as they perceive the impact of their own musical contribution to the composition of the whole.


3 Rules of Engagement:


2.  L E A V E   S P A C E   F O R   O T H E R’ S   I D E A S !!



This exercise, when you let it, can create:

  • A powerful experience of synergy

  • A tangible expression of the 'temperature' in the room

  • Increased cooperation and awareness

  • Deep listening to self and others simultaneously

  • Enriched communication and openness to new concepts in the absence of words

  • Energized engagement